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Whodamanny is a Neapolitan artist belonging to the collective of the Periodica Records. Passionate to the phase distortion synthesizers made by Casio, he spent a lot of time experimenting on that and on several kinds of toys keyboards. The results are his first album “Cosmic Morphology” (PRD01), two remixes for Soichi Terada (GRA02) and a 10″ mini-album on Firecracker-sister label Unthank (UNTHANK010).

He is also the half side of ”The Normalmen”, a project started together with Enrico Fierro aka Milord. Their first EP “Dorko ‘s Antruum” on Early Sounds Recordings gained a considerable attention in the house music scene, as well as their second opera “Antruum Odyssey” (WJ002) and the last “Exotica Movements” (EAS014).

Whodamanny, together with Milord, is also part of the band “The Mystic Jungle Tribe” (founded by Dario Di Pace aka Mystic Jungle). The trio project has at its active three albums: “Solaria”, “Qvisisana” and the upcoming “Plenilunio”, albums that are collecting critical acclaim in the record industry and are becoming truly collector’s rarities.





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